Friday, October 7, 2011


It's been awhile since I last posted so I thought I would give and update. My last post announced that I had to postpone my Long Trail thru-hike due to personal reasons. Not too long after that post the state of Vermont was visited by Tropical Storm Irene which would have cancelled it out any way. The Green Mountain National Forest was closed down to hikers for about 3 weeks. So In the stead I started to walk. A lot. Every morning (or just about) I wake at 4:00 am, shake the cobwebs out of my head, strap on my walking shoes and swiftly walk on a city street for an hour (about 2.5 miles). The days walk does not end there. I've been without a vehicle for the past month and a half so my day comprises of walking just to do every day tasks. I am walking 5 or more miles a day on the average. I'm starting to hike again now that the trails have opened back up but the LT/AT in Division 5 has an 18 mile section that is still closed. The Green Mountain Club reports parts of it impassible. 

The Autumn looks like a few hikes will be done and one last backpacking trip before the Winter sets in. I still plan on waking early and doing my early morning walks. They are quite peaceful, quiet, invigorating and a great way to get the blood moving and the mind working.