Friday, February 11, 2011

Snowshoeing: Minerva Hinchey shelter

February 6, 2011

This hike was a scheduled trek by the GMC Killington section.

It amazes me to notice that most GMC hikes in the Killington region don't have many people under the age of 50 attending them. At 44, I find myself usually being one of the youngest to attend their outings. A definite generation gap. Regardless of the age gap, GMC outings are great. This is one of them.

Minerva Hinchey shelter is located at mile 1673 of the Appalachian trail between rt 103 in Clarendon and rt 140 in Wallingford. The route we took was from Spring Lake Ranch in Cuttinsville.

The hike started out easy following a nice snow covered meadow. Soon we entered the hardwoods and the old wood road we were on slightly ascended for about a half a mile to the shelter. A few stayed back to build a fire while others continued on towards Patch Hollow. The trail was prepacked so the trek was quite easy. Once at the intersection of the LT/AT system and the local SLR trails we looped around onto a section of trail with untouched powder. This made it a little more challenging. Although prepacked snow is easier, I love new snow. We hiked for a little over a mile when we were back at the shelter.

Once we arrived back at the shelter, a fire was waiting for us to roast some hot dogs. We discussed the future of the GMC as well as the past. Among the attendees was the current secretary and treasurer for the Killington section, John Hale, former treasurer Roma Pulling, her son, my boy scout leader, Steve Pulling and Jerry Parker, volunteer of the year. It was great to listen to the stories and notice the dedication that these folks have given throughout the years. Roma is 84 years old and has dedicated many hours to the GMC.

Although we didn't break any records for mileage, overall it was a great day. Total we hiked a little over 2 miles with an elevation gain less than 250 feet. 12 GMC members attended. The Day Hiking in Rutland County facebook group had 2 members attend as well

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