Monday, March 28, 2011

Grandpa's Knob, Hubbardton, Vt

March 27, 2011

This hike was a scheduled hike with GMC Killington section and DHRC. The weather was clear and sunny with temps around 30 degrees. A light breeze came from the northwest.

I have been eager to do this hike for many years. Without a known route or I should say, a route that is private and posted, has kept me from hiking this mountain. Like many folks in this area, I had the wrong mountain in mind. What is assumed to be Grandpa's Knob is actually Mt Hadley. Grandpas Knob lies 2.6 miles north-northwest of Hadley. Because both mountains offer hang gliding and Hadley hang gliders are seen more often, it is often assumed that Hadley is Grandpa's Knob. Our hike leader, Tom Copps from the GMC, gladly explained the geographical area.

View Mt Hadley in a larger map
Map of the difference between Mt Hadley (blue) and Grandpa's Knob(red)

This hike started out by traveling an access road to the summit crossing a meadow soon entering a hardwood forest.  The ascent was steady but not too steep. Although there was some snow, it was not deep enough for snowshoes. At approximately 1 mile in, the road switchbacks and becomes a  steeper yet gradual ascent which soon leads to the summit. Once at the summit, we took a break and enjoyed the impressive 330 degree views of the Green Mountain, Taconic and Adirondack mountain ranges. Lake Bomoseen, although still frozen, was well in sight. To the south Stratton Mountain, Vt ski area could be easily seen and to the west Whiteface, Ny ski area stood high above it's neighbors. The descent down followed the same route with the exception of a side spur that lead to a few glacier strewn rocks known as "Silly Rocks"  Total distance hiked was approximately 3 miles with an elevation gain of  right around 1000 feet. 16 people attended this hike, most GMC members with 4 members of DHRC Facebook group.

View grandpa's knob in a larger map

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