Tuesday, July 5, 2011

1000 Mile Challenge

I read a turd-ton of blog posts. One that I recently came across was a 1000 mile challenge hosted by Overly Ambitious Me via a post from Steven at My Life Outdoors. To me this seems very possible to accomplish. Although my initial goal for this year was 400 miles, it looks like it will end up being around 600 by New Years Eve. Since this challenge starts started July 1, 2011, I thought I would accept it. The unique aspect of this challenge is that it promotes outdoors activities and it is not limited to just hiking. Paddling, biking, skiing snowshoeing will also accumulate mileage.Will you join me?

Oh, these photos have nothing to do with the challenge. After reviewing a bunch of photos, reviews, rants and raves, I chose to get a Canon Powershot SX130 IS. For the price it seems to be one of the more favored cameras taking nature shots. I also have a decent (makeshift) waterproof case for it. ( A shockproof camera case that fits nicely into a small waterproof stuff sack )
Happy Challenging!



  1. I reckon you've made a good choice of camera there Joe! I remember almost buying the SX110 a few years ago, but I ended up with a Panasonic instead. Looking at the stats on the SX130 I think you're going to be coming up with some great pictures.

    Oh yeah, stay safe on your 1000 mile challenge!

  2. Wow what a challenge! Good luck pushing yourself!