Thursday, June 16, 2011

A Birthday Wish

Zane Michael a few hours old
June 16, 2011

Grandpa Joe and Zane
One year ago today at 4:40am my first born child... my lovely daughter gave birth to her first child, Zane Michael. He is a great addition to our family. The joy he brings is amazing. This little guy can put a smile on your face even when times are not so happy.

Zane is already being introduced to the outdoors and has been on a few hike with me amongst others. His parents, Luciy, my daughter and Greg both love the outdoors and have been on many hikes with me as well as enjoying their own journeys. Greg's parents have taken Zane camping too. It surrounds the lad. I am almost positive that he will grow to enjoy the Green Mountains and to respect them.

Zane's first hike
Today, on his birthday Grandpa Joe is going on a hike with Zane. The weather is great, the black flies are down some and it gives us some personal grandfather / grandson time together. Last year on my birthday, I had the opportunity to take Zane on his first hike. It was a great gift that I thought I would return to him. Another gift that I got him and will continue to get him every year for his birthday is a new pair Merrells.

Happy birthday, little Padiwan, Love Grandpa


  1. Very lovely...I am absolutely sure our beloved grandson will enjoy nature as much as the rest of our family does. He is a blessing and joy to our household.

  2. What a great gift of love! Happy belated birthday Zane!