Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Days of May: Part 2

May has passed. I set out this past month to get outside more than I did in April. I actually didn't do too bad... my most active month so far this year. I hiked a total of 59.2 miles, 3 backpacking trips, section hiked Division 6 of the Long Trail and passed my 100th hiking mile for the year.

Here's the breakdown:
May 4-5, I did an overnight backpacking trip in the rain.
May 8, I checked out some ice caves.
May 10, I scrambled up a bunch of boulders.
May 18-19, I did an overnight backpacking trip.
May 20, I did some trail maintenance on the Canty trail.
May 21, I relived the Patch Hollow massacre.
May 22, I took my grandson on our first hike together this year.
May 25, I checked out some water falls and a nice mountain lake.
May 27, I returned to Canty trail for a hike.
May 28-30, I backpacked Division 6 of the Long Trail.

I was also fortunate to win a beautiful original print of "Orion Sky" by Random Joy Photography courtesy of Appalachia & Beyond,  Thanks Tim & Robin!

June looks like it will active as well. Other than local day hikes and some trail maintenance, a Presidential Traverse in the White Mountains of New Hampshire is scheduled for the 10th-12th.  


  1. Your hiking log has given us a great idea to start logging all of our daughters hikes. She's only 15-months old, so most of her hiking miles so far have been in a baby carrier on my back, but it still counts, right?!?!