Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Pine Hill Park with Zane

May 22, 2011

Getting ready to leave
This was a spur of the moment hike with Kathi, an active member of my day hiking group, and Zane, my grandson. 

On June 16, 2010, my daughter gave birth to a beautiful baby boy... Zane Michael. What a great addition to my family. Zane doesn't know it yet but his grandfather intends on bringing him up in nature. I intend to show him everything that I have learned like  my grandfather taught me.  To respect nature... to enjoy her beauty and to appreciate the natural surrounds.

At Tim's Vista
This short day hike was Zane's first out with me this year. We walked through the middle loops to the upper trails winding around to Tim's Vista where we were bombarded with mosquitoes thus cutting the trip short. My daughter is leery about using bug spay on him before the age of 1 and I agree. Because he is such a good baby, not once did he show signs that he was being bitten. I never noticed any bites on him but I knew I was being attacked. Would baby bug spray work anyway? I don't know. It seems to me that DEET is really the only stuff that works and some reviews shun the baby bug repellent which most brands are merely citronella oil. 

I look forward to showing Zane the ins and out of hiking and backpacking as he grows. It will be our thing. I intend on bringing him on backpacking trips as he carries his own pack. I will show him how to read a map and more importantly, how to use a compass with it. I will show him survival skills; fire, water, shelter and food. First aid will also be a must. With his birthday arriving shortly I decided to buy him his first pair of Merrells. He's just now starting to walk. I plan on giving him a new pair each year for his birthday.
Baby Merrells

I look forward to my life out of doors with Zane. Hopefully he will take an interest and continue on as great outdoorsman long after I return to the Earth... I shall call him my Padiwan.

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  1. Great post! Have taken my two older grandkids rock climbing and they have been begging me to take them hiking with them! I have Merrells and just love those Baby Merrells! LOL!