Monday, May 9, 2011

A review: Outdoor Basecamp

OBC in the woods of Vt
This is a first for me. To write a review/recommendation. My blog is aptly subtitled "Stories of outdoors Vermont" in which my blog usually consist of just that. My stories of my adventures in Vermont. There are many review and recommendation bloggers out there so I try not to stray from simply telling my story. This is an exception. 

Founded in January of 2009, Outdoor Basecamp is a website that caters to pretty much anything out of doors. It offers simple recommendations and advise on all sorts of out doors topics. To include: Boating, camping, fishing, hunting, trekking, park systems and riding. Each category is broken down even further into sub categories. For example; the fishing category has two sub-menus appropriately name fresh water and salt water. There is a lot of great information on this site. 

If the main site doesn't have what your looking for, one can rely 100% on the jewel of the site; the forums. These forums have a wide range of topics that is community driven. Currently, the active members are a great bunch of folks that have so much experience and wisdom with the willingness to share. They come from all walks of life and vary in age from late teen to 70's. Men and women alike. A very diverse bunch to say the least. There are technical folk, there are comical folk, there are folk that are witty, none who won't steer you wrong. Especially to a newcomer into whatever outdoor activity that they may inquire about. Got a question? Post it. Within a day or two more than likely you will have your answer. There is also areas that let you share trip reports, tell outdoor related stories, a place to share recipes and after becoming a member and accumulating 5 posts or more, downloads of a vast variety of e-books are available. One can create a profile in which you can add friends, post pictures and messaging is available. There is an area to blog as well.  Currently there is close to 2600 members in this community.

To join OBC, simply register and start posting. Here are some links to OBC:

There ya have it. Outdoor Basecamp... I highly recommend this site.

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