Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Canty Trail

May 27, 2011

Andrea at White Rocks
This was another spur of the moment hike.

I met Andrea, a new found hiking friend, through my day hiking group. She is traveling nurse who happens to be working in Vermont for a few months. Her schedule fluctuates and she works every other weekend so most of her hikes are during the week. She had asked me if I was up to hiking on this day and I recommended a more aggressive hike in the area... Once agreed upon, the Canty Trail came to mind. I love this trail and I was eager to show the active Minnesotan a wonderful piece of Vermont. 

The weather was great on this hike, starting out partly cloudy but soon turned sunny and fairly hot. Chances of thunderstorms were in the area. This hike starts out fairly easy meandering through an evergreen forest crossing a few streams along the way. The black flies were in full force. I brought along some drier sheets to see how they worked against them and, well, they surprisingly seemed to work some. 30% DEET did the rest for the most part. The trail was is really good shape despite the recent rains. After a steep ascent towards the falls we stopped to take a short break and enjoy the waterfalls. They rest of the way up was a little easier, although still rough terrain, entering the upper hemlock forest which floor is lined with Princess Pine moss...so lush and green. We soon were at the summit where we took another break. We talked about hiking on our break and she had told me stories of her treks around the country. I envy her traveling lifestyle to some extent. To visit some of the best trails and mountain tops in the country. The trek down was very fast but the black flies seemed to have doubled in force since our trek up.Overall, it was another great day hiking in Vermont.

I wish Andrea well on her next assignment and I truly hope that she finds a hiking network like the one she has found here in Vermont.  She is a passionate hiker with an excellent pace and seems to always be looking for something to do in the great outdoors.

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