Monday, May 9, 2011

Pittsford Ice Cave

May 8, 2011

This hike was scheduled through my Facebook hiking group. I have been to this cave numerous times in the past and had a group of folks that were curious to explore this short but rewarding hike.

This hike starts out as a fairly steady and mildly steep ascent through a mixed wood forest. The trail was fairly dry with the exception of the known year-round wet areas in which were wetter than usual. It was a long winter in Vermont. There were a few trees down blocking the trail. After the trail levels out and approaching a small lea with a view to the west the trail continues on to a small quarry at the base of a boulder filled ravine. A couple of male mallards greeted us. The trail then turns from a classic wooded trail into an ascent up through a dark, cold ravine, scrambling fern covered boulders along the way. Massive cliff walls on both sides guides the trail through onward to the cave system. Soon we were at the cave entrance. Read more here...

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