Friday, November 19, 2010

My 2011 Hiking and Backpacking Plans

2011 looks like its going to be an active year. My goal is to traverse 400 miles for the year. I intend on starting in January by snowshoeing quite a bit in the Division 5 (Killington, in which I am a member of)) section of the Long Trail to build stamina and endurance for the upcoming summer. A three day trip covering 25 miles and 7100 feet of elevation gain is also planned for the winter. In the spring, I will dedicate my time, with the GMC, preparing the trail for the summer rush by clearing out waterways, repairing and building new puncheons, clearing felled trees that block the trail and any work that needs to be done on the shelters/privies. In June, my hiking partner Jim and I plan to backpack the Presidential Traverse in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. In September, I am doing a solo thru-hike of the Long Trail in its entirety. Then come autumn when once again I will help the GMC prepare for winter. Any free time will be spent day hiking with my family, friends and my hiking group. Yup, I think the 400 miles is a reasonable goal.

The Presidential Traverse

The Long Trail
GMC Logo

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