Monday, November 8, 2010

Three Days of Bliss

Hiked the Killington section (division 5) of the Long Trail southbound from October 9 to October 11, 2010.

October 9 2010:

Started this hike at Rt. 4 in Sherburne. The weather was sunny,windy and chilly (40's). The trail was mostly dry with a few wet areas. Two hikers from MA were doing the same section. We "leap frogged" the entire weekend.

9:15am: mile 0. Entered trail. Great trail conditions.

10:00am: mile 1.9. Churchill Scott Shelter

11:20am: mile 3.8. Jungle Junction, Sherburne Pass Trail.

11:45am: mile 4.6. I had some lunch. One of the items was Jack Links jerky. A day hiker passed and asked if I was messing with Sasquach so I told her I was baiting him.

2:15pm: mile 6.3. Killington Peak,Cooper Lodge. Camp for night one. The weather was clear windy and cold (30's) Camped with 2 guys from MA who stayed in the shelter. I stayed in my tent. 2 guys from NJ were hiking northbound and stayed at the tent site as well.

9:00pm: Bed

October 10, 2010:

6:00am: Woke up, stretched, ate breakfast, packed up, got water.The weather was clear, no wind but cold (26).

8:00am: Departed camp. The first 2 miles, in my opinion, were the hardest trail conditions of the entire hike. Through the hemlocks on a ledge. The trail was nothing but rocks and roots steeply descending which is hard to walk on.

11:40am: mile 10.6. Gov Clement Shelter. Lunch

3:30pm: mile 16.4. Clarendon Shelter. Camp for night one. The weather was clear, no wind and mild(50ish) When I arrived, I was greeted by an older man named 'Shovel'. He was hiking the Appalachian Trail southbound and headed for Virginia. He was stuck at Clarendon Shelter for a few days waiting for a food drop. He had forgotten that the post office would be closed on Columbus Day. The two guys from MA stayed at the shelter as well. We all pitched in a little and it was enough to feed Shovel.

9:30pm: bed

October 11.2010:

5:45am: Woke up, stretched, ate breakfast, packed up, got water.The weather was clear no wind and cool (46)

8:35am: Departed camp. Hiked less than a mile and rolled my ankle. It wasn't sprained but it hurt like hell. I contemplated getting picked up at Rt 103 in Clarendon. By the time I got to the road the endorphins finally kicked in and my foot was numb. So I hiked the last 6 miles on a bum foot.

11:40am: mile 20.1. Minerva Hinchey Shelter

1:35pm: mile 23.7. Rt.140 in Wallingford. Hike completed.

Overall this was a great hike. It was challenging at times. I have learned from this experience that long distance hiking is 20% physical and 80% psychological. Not once during this hike did I second guess myself. I never once thought to myself " What did I get myself into?" or " I wish the end was here". It couldn't have been done without a good pair of hiking shoes and plenty of sock changes.

I'm looking forward to the next section hike.

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