Monday, August 1, 2011

August: The Countdown Continues

July has passed and I now have one month to go before I start my thru-hike of Vermont's Long Trail. I am pretty much on schedule as far as logistics go for this hike. I still need to plan my menus and dehydrate some fruits and veggies and finish up planning my shelter stays and last re-supply area.

I will not be able to post so therefore I am looking for a few guest posts. I would like to also announce that Tim and Robin Bird of Appalachia and Beyond will be keeping track of my progress and will administrate my blog and Facebook page during the trip. I thought that since the first 105 miles of my thru-hike will be on the Appalachian trail as it coincides with the Long Trail that it would be appropriate to choose them... after all I will be going beyond the Appalachians to Canada.

July was a busy month. The busiest so far this year. My friend Kathi and I entered a 1000 mile challenge and we both are doing very well at it. I managed to hike a total of 66.2 miles and along with walking and kayaking as part of this challenge I managed to tally an impressive 82.5 miles. I also passed my 200th hiking mile for the calendar year in July.

Plans in August include celebrating the GMC's Killington Section 100 birthday on a backpacking trip of the 24 mile division. I have not yet decided if I am going to count this as part of my thru-hike and take a couple of zero days in September. I plan on returning to the Whites and completing my Presidential traverse from Mt Washington to Crawford Notch in a day hike. And of course finishing up my thru-hike logistics.

If anyone is interested in writing a guest post please contact me at (at) gmail (dot) com or Tim and Robin at appalachiaandbeyond (at) gmail (dot) com. I would prefer the guest post to be thru-hike or Appalachian/ Long Trail oriented but I will let my guest admin choose what is posted.

I hope everyone has a great month ahead of them. 


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  1. Happy trails and God speed in your journey. Looking forward to hearing the trip reports when you get home! Tim and Robin will take good care of everything while you're gone!

    Upward and onward!